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With use, drains become more susceptible to blockages. At Pro Drainage, we have all of the skills needed to remove any blockage, and are able to carry out emergency services.

Our team will identify the cause of the blockage, remove it, carry out repairs and are able to recommend the best methods to prevent blockages in the future.


If you find that your internal drains are blocked or struggling, includes sinks, basins, toilets, baths and showers, our team at Pro Drainage is here to help.By locating the source of the problem, we can quickly remove any damage or blockages, to ensure your internal drains are running smoothly.


When you find an issue with your external drains, our team at Pro Drainage are here to help. It may be that your drain has been blocked due to tree roots, leaves and debris.Whether your external drain is damaged or blocked, we have the equipment and knowledge needed to safely remove the problem and carry out repairs and replacements.

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