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Pitch Fibre Repairs and Pitch Fibre Rerounding Hilsea

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    Pitch Fibre Repairs and Pitch Fibre Rerounding Hilsea

    Pro Drainage is a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year, emergency drainage company providing services for pitch fibre repairs and pitch fibre rerounding. We have a network of local drainage experts in who can help you with your pitch fibre repairs or rerounding.

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    Pitch Fibre Repairs and Pitch Fibre Rerounding

    Pitch fibre drains are the most common type of drain in UK homes built between 1940 and 1970. Unfortunately, they’re also the easiest to damage or even collapse completely.

    It’s a huge problem that they are made from cellulose impregnated with inert coal tar, a material that has been around for over 100 years and hasn’t changed much since then. As you can imagine, this means pitch fibre is pretty bad at handling today’s modern drainage systems and today’s increased water pressure. Previously, if your pitch fibre drains were badly damaged, there wasn’t really much you could do except replace all of the pipes leading into your property which would cost thousands of pounds.

    This is where Pro Drainage comes in with a revolutionary drainage solution designed specifically for repairing broken pitch fibre drains without having to replace any pipes inside your home. By using our unique methods we’ve developed a solution that allows us to repair damaged or broken pitch fibre drain pipes with ease – saving homeowners time and money!

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      Pitch Fibre Experts
      Pitch Fibre Pipework Solutions

      Pro Drainage Group provides pitch fibre pipework repair and rerounding solutions for residential and commercial and helps you manage your drainage problems. Get in touch with our Pitch Fibre Specialist who will talk about the various ways we can solve these issues and propose a solution that’s suitable for you at an affordable cost and of high quality.

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      Pitch Fibre Experts
      Understanding Pitch Fibre Pipes: Characteristics

      Pitch fibre pipes, once a popular choice for sewage and drainage systems in mid-20th century construction, have garnered attention in recent years due to their unique characteristics and potential issues.

      Limited Lifespan: One of the most significant drawbacks of pitch fibre pipes is their relatively short lifespan compared to other materials like PVC or concrete.

      Susceptibility to Deformation: Pitch fibre pipes are prone to deformation over time, particularly when exposed to high temperatures or heavy loads.

      Chemical Instability: Pitch fibre pipes are made from wood cellulose impregnated with coal tar pitch, which can be chemically unstable.

      Limited Diameter Options: Compared to modern materials like PVC or concrete, pitch fibre pipes offer limited options in terms of diameter sizes.

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