Drain Relining can be a very cost cost-effective way of saving time and money. If you have a problem then we are here to help.

No-dig technology or relining is the fastest and most cost-effective way to repair a damaged drain or sewer. It involves installing a lining that bonds to the inside of the pipe and creating a pipe within a pipe so that the integrity of the drain or sewer is restored with minimum disruption.

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Drain Relining/Repairs Services Explained

Drain relining can be carried out on pipes from as small as 100mm diameter right up to 1.5-metre culverts and, depending on access and logistical considerations, in single lengths or in a series of shorter, overlapping liners. Patch liners can be installed in pipes as small as 60mm diameter up to 1.2-metres, which is the size of the largest packer currently available.

We'll make sure that your outside blocked drains and inside drainage is working efficiently

Fix Your Blocked Drains Today

Blocked drains are a common problem for households, businesses and public areas. Outside blocked drains can be a real issue.

You might be wondering how to clear your blocked drains outside? We can unblock your drain quickly to get things flowing again. Our services include CCTV surveys, drain cleaning and repair/relining of all types of drainage pipes in the UK; residential homes and commercial properties.

Pro Drainage is the leading provider of drainage solutions in the UK with over 20 years of experience in fixing blocked drains across the UK. We use state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to fix your blocked drains fast!

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    CCTV Drain Survey

    With the latest camera technology, you can see in real-time what is causing your drainage problems. Pro Drainage ensures peace of mind for their clients with an accurate diagnosis of a blockage or damage to pipes and drains, with prices starting from £125 + VAT. More about CCTV surveys here.
    *Please note prices do vary depending on the type of CCTV survey you would like. Prices during out of hours, bank holidays or emergencies will vary. Prices include parts and labour.

    Drain Repairs and Drain Rodding

    Our experts at Pro Drainage are available to help you find and fix your blocked drain, internal or external drains. We offer reasonable rates, prompt service, and a full range of services for all types of drains, including outdoor storm sewer systems in both residential areas and commercial buildings.
    You might call us today if your blockages show signs of tree roots or you need an accurate diagnosis from our experienced technicians.

    Drain Cleaning and Jetting

    Engineers have all the proper tools to get out any clogs or help clean them in no time! We also offer drain jetting which can do more than just wash away debris from within pipes; it will reduce blockages as well.

    Drain Installation

    Have a clogged drain? Your local drainage engineers are available to assess the situation and quote on installing new drains.

    Drain relining FAQ's

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