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    Our Pitch Fibre Drain Services explained

    Pitch fibre drains are the most common type of drain in UK homes built between 1940 and 1970. Unfortunately, they're also the easiest to damage or even collapse completely.

    It’s a huge problem that they are made from cellulose impregnated with inert coal tar, a material that has been around for over 100 years and hasn't changed much since then. As you can imagine, this means pitch fibre is pretty bad at handling today's modern drainage systems and today’s increased water pressure. Previously, if your pitch fibre drains were badly damaged, there wasn’t really much you could do except replace all of the pipes leading into your property which would cost thousands of pounds.

    This is where Pro Drainage comes in with a revolutionary drainage solution designed specifically for repairing broken pitch fibre drains without having to replace any pipes inside your home. By using our unique methods we've developed a solution that allows us to repair damaged or broken pitch fibre drain pipes with ease - saving homeowners time and money!

    Pitch Fibre CCTV Drain Survey

    For peace of mind, Pro Drainage offers a range of pitch fibre CCTV drain surveys to resolve any pitch fibre issues you might have including clogged drains. With the latest camera technology, you can see in real-time what is causing your drainage problems. We ensure peace of mind for our customers with an accurate diagnosis of drain blockage, tree roots growing inside drains or damage to pipes and drains

    *Please note prices do vary depending on the type of CCTV survey you would like. Prices during out of hours, bank holidays or emergencies will vary.

    Pitch Fibre Rerounding and Rerelining

    Pitch fibre drainage systems are used extensively in the UK, but there is a lack of awareness about how to fix or maintain them.

    The problem with pitch fibre drainage systems is that they can become clogged and damaged over time. This leads to structural damage which can lead to collapsed drains and unsightly patches which reduces property value.

    The winch and bullet method is used to re-round any pitch fibre pipework that has been damaged by blisters or delamination. Once reconstructed, a structural fibreglass sleeve is inserted into the pipe to strengthen it whilst also stopping further degradation from happening again in the future. This should preserve the pipework lifespan by at least 40 years.

    Pitch Fibre Excavation

    Our fully qualified drainage engineers will avoid drain excavation as much as possible to prevent disruption for customers. However, if you need it done we'll put safety first and work in a safe environment ensuring everyone is free from hazards. We have carried out hundreds of excavations over the years without any problems and they've been managed successfully each time.

    Before beginning any excavation work, Pro Drainage will carry out the correct checks to ensure a prompt and cost-effective repair. It is essential that you work with highly trained drainage contractors, who know exactly where the damaged pitch fibre pipes are, so there is no damage to nearby gas and water lines.

    24/7, 365 days a year

    No call out fee