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Tanker Services

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    UK's Leading Tanker Services Company

    We are the UK’s leading tanker services company. Operating nationwide we offer our services 24/7, 365 days a year. We have a number of services which include septic tank emptying, treatment plant maintenance along with grease trap services.



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    Septic Tanks

    At Pro Drainage, we recognise the critical role septic tanks play in efficient wastewater management for properties off the municipal sewer grid. Our tanker services cater to the meticulous maintenance, emptying, and cleaning of septic systems, ensuring they operate optimally and extend their lifespan. Utilising our fleet of specialised tankers, our skilled team addresses both routine servicing and emergency requirements, ensuring your septic system remains in peak condition, safeguarding both the environment and your property.



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    Treatment Plant Service

    Treatment plants are the backbone of sustainable wastewater management, and Pro Drainage offers premier tanker services tailored to their unique demands. From sludge removal to routine maintenance, our experienced team ensures that your treatment plant operates efficiently and meets regulatory standards. Our advanced tankers are equipped to handle both liquid and solid waste, ensuring a holistic approach to treatment plant servicing. With Pro Drainage at your side, you can be assured of reduced downtimes and enhanced operational efficiency.



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    Grease Traps

    Understanding the complexities of the food service industry, Pro Drainage provides specialised tanker services for grease traps. These traps are vital in preventing fats, oils, and grease from entering drainage systems and causing blockages. Our comprehensive service ensures timely and efficient cleaning, emptying, and maintenance of your grease traps, preventing potential backflows and ensuring compliance with environmental standards. Our dedicated team, equipped with the latest in tanker technology, ensures that your establishment remains operational and free from the hassles associated with grease build up.

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